RPL List

HT College offers RPL services in various fields, including Building and Construction, Beauty, and Child Care, to help you quickly obtain nationally recognized qualifications and diplomas. By acknowledging your existing skills and experience, we can accelerate your path to industry certification or business ownership. Our RPL process involves a thorough assessment of your skills, knowledge, and experience to ensure that you receive the appropriate recognition for your expertise.

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Through our RPL services in Health and Community Services, you have the opportunity to participate in meaningful work within the community. By recognizing your prior experience, you can assist people during challenging times, ensure the well-being of community residents, and develop the complex knowledge required for rewarding careers in the community service industry.

Our RPL services in the field of Building and Construction provide you with the opportunity to jumpstart your career as a builder or supervisor. By recognzing your exisiting knowledge and expreience, understand national building codes and standards, and develop the skills necessary for firther career advancement in the construction industry.

By utilizing our RPL services in the field of Child Care, you can begin your career as a childcare educator, playing a significant role in nurturing children’s natural curiosity and desire to learn. We acknowledge your previous experience and knowledge, helping you quickly obtain the qualifications needed to excel in this high-demand field.

Our RPL services in the field of Hospitality enable you to capitalize on your existing hospitality knowledge and experience, enhancing your skills and paving the way for supervisory or management positions within the industry. By acknowledging your expertise, we can accelerate your career progression and help you reach your professional goals.

Through our RPL services in the Beauty field, you can leverage your prior knowledge to become a professional beauty therapist. Use your passion and talent to create transformational customer experiences that set you apart in the competitive beauty industry.

By utilizing our RPL services in Engineering, you can further develop your engineering knowledge and skills through real-world projects and problem-solving experiences. Our recognition of your prior experience allows you to explore a range of engineering career options, ensuring that you remain at the forefront of your profession.

With our RPL services in Training and Assessment, we acknowledge your previous knowledge and skills, enabling you to become a qualified trainer and assessor. This qualification allows you to provide training in the vocational education and training sector, including roles within TAFE or Registered Training Organizations (RTOs).

Through our RPL services in the Automotive field, you will have the opportunity to start your career as a mechanic in a workshop, leveraging your practical industry experience. By recognizing your prior knowledge and skills, we can help you achieve your dream of rebuilding old engines or unleashing your creativity in customizing paint surfaces.